Brewery FAQ’s

We get a lot of questions about various policies and aspects of the brewery, so here they are for reference (this is a working list):

When did you open?

We opened on September 20th, 2015

Do you brew all your own beer?

We brew all of our beer on-site, we do not outsource any production.  We brew on a 30-gallon SS Brew Tech all electric brew system and we use a mix of 1/2 BBL, 1.5 BBL and 2 BBL fermenters (15, 45 and 60 gallons respectively).

Do you distribute to any restaurants or stores?

We do not distribute any beer, our product is sold in our taproom only.  We would love to distribute one day but we simply don’t make enough beer right now.

Do you bottle your beer?

Currently (at least as of June 2016) we do not bottle any beer into bombers, bottles or cans for that matter.  We do sell beer to-go in 32 oz and 64 oz glass growlers and we fill them right off the tap.  We also fill outside growlers if you have your own.

Can I buy a keg from you?

We cannot sell full kegs of beer to the public… yet.

Are you dog friendly?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed inside of the brewery tasting room, but they are definitely allowed on our outside patio and our front porch.  This is a state-wide regulation that we have to adhere to.  The only exception to this rule is for service animals.  Please let our staff know if your dog is a service animal.

Do you have food?

We do not serve any food besides complimentary chips and popcorn at times.  You are welcome to bring food and some local places will even deliver to the brewery.  We also try to line up food trucks (mostly on weekends) so check out Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on that.

Can I bring wine to the brewery?

Outside wine, beer and spirits are strictly prohibited.  This is per regulation of the VA ABC.

How often does your beer list change?

Very often!  We have designed over 60 recipes and we only have 8 taps (and often we don’t have all 8 filled at the same time).  Because of this our beer list changes very rapidly.  We have some fan favorites that we try to repeat but it’s never guaranteed.  Come back and there’s a good chance something new will be on tap!