3 Methods for Adding Flavors to Beer

We have a number of methods of adding flavors to beer.  These are not the flavors that are imparted naturally by the malt, hops, or yeast, but rather intentional additions such as fruits and spices that give our beers a uniqueness.  We use three main methods for adding flavor, sometimes using a single method and something using a combination of … Read More

Distribution in VA and the Impact on Breweries

Quite often I’m asked whether our beer is available in grocery stores, bars, or other places that sell alcohol.  The short answer is no, because we do not distribute any of our beer.  The follow-up question is always… why?  Quite simply, we cannot distribute beer because we do not have enough beer to distribute.  Our operation is so small that to … Read More

Why You Should Enjoy Seasonal Creep

Seasonal creep happens for many products in the retail industry.  Back-to-school sales start in July, Christmas decorations go on shelves in October, and summer styles go on sale in February.  Craft beer is no exception.  As I write this, it is August 1st, and we are already starting to see Sam Adams Octoberfest on the shelves.  The name Octoberfest, of course, refers to … Read More

How Big Beer Buy-outs Are Hurting Independent Breweries

In between dogging craft beer during Superbowl ads and producing yellow fizzy water that is allegedly beer, Anheuser-Busch InBev has been not-so-secretly purchasing craft beer breweries to add to their portfolio.  Notable purchases include Goose Island Brewing of Chicago, Elysian Brewing of Seattle and Virginia’s own Devils Backbone Brewing.  On the surface, it seems logical and almost benign to most people. … Read More

Homebrewer to Pro brewer – 5 Things to Consider

Going from homebrewer to professional brewer, on any scale, has challenges, risks, rewards and a whole host of considerations that should be made before taking “the leap”.  Here are the top 5 considerations we’d like to offer for those considering a career in the brewing industry. 1. You will undoubtedly brew the same beer over and over People love IPA’s.  … Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Reinheistgebot

The Reinheistgebot is commonly referred to as the “German Purity Law,” and 2016 marks the 500th anniversary of this simple yet somewhat mythical “law” that supposedly governs the quality of beer in Germany.  At Loudoun Brewing Company we like the purity law, which in its simplest form states that beer shall only be made with 4 ingredients, barley, hops, water, … Read More