Meet Phil Fust Brewer at Loudoun Brewing Company

Here we are in the last week of August, and I am sitting at my favorite local brewery, Loudoun Brewing Company. Fall is just around the corner. Hard to think about that with the heat and humidity soaring again today. A sound reason, however, to seek a cold refreshing beer and a cooling breeze. Which brings me to my current location at Loudoun Brewing Company. Rocking on the covered front porch while enjoying a “La De Dah” brown ale. A slightly hoppy brown ale with a lovely aroma and smooth finish. My current go-to beer here. I say current because the menu continues to rotate.

A Caring and Generous Local Brewer

As I sit here enjoying my ale I find myself pondering why I am here. One would assume cold beer and they would be partially correct. I do love a well-crafted beer and Loudoun Brewing Company never seems to disappoint. It is, however, more than that. During our frequent conversations, I have learned what it is that draws me to Loudoun Brewing Company. A caring and quite a generous brewer. Someone dedicated to his craft, customers and community at large.

Phil was a builder in his former life. I asked him recently to explain to me how a builder became a brew master. He immediately pointed out that he is a brewer and not a brew master. No formal training. He made his first beer in the basement of a friend’s house with a borrowed five-gallon kit. The second two were on another friend’s equipment out in Lovettsville, Virginia. He started brewing at Loudoun Brewery and one thing led to another and he now makes beer full time. Over three hundred recipes are tucked away in his personal book.

 It was this generosity of friends that helped form his commitment to others in the industry. This is Stone Breweries philosophy since day one. Help anyone that asked for it. Supplies, equipment, ideas. Craft beer is where it is today because of this thought process and I personally believe that passion and commitment shown in a well-crafted brew. Sharing spent grain with a farm, collaborating with a local restaurant, promoting businesses in the area are all a part of Loudoun Brewing Company.

Loudoun Brewing Company is our local “Cheers”

As I sit here now sharing my thoughts and observation for selfish reasons, I want Loudoun Brewing Company to always be here. I want to experience that “Cheers” atmosphere week after week. And, I want the chance for new and fresh beers on a regular basis. I want to always rely on a new old friend making a difference in and around our community.

With that, I leave you with these thoughts. Look for future writings. My thought is conversations with a brewer. Whatever is on Phil’s mind will shape future writings. That said I certainly do not wish to leave you all out. How would you like the conversation to go? Let us know. Stop by and have a beer or two. Maybe a tasting. Engage Phil and Linda in conversation. Help us all to be a larger part of the community and the craft beer movement.



Richard Fleeman

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